Tuning in for the day

Hi, How’s your fast going?  I’m feeling very peaceful today.  Food, any food, tastes so good after a juice fast.  Yogurt was a regular for me at every meal so I was worried about not having any animal products….I also have a tendency to eat the same thing over and over….”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of mentality and also to avoid feeling deprived I make sure that I eat things that I really like…then I’m happy.  This isn’t about food though, it’s about spritual growth, insight and connection.  It’s also about releasing patterns that aren’t for our highest good and it’s such a wonderful feeling.  Physically I feel clean and energised, if you don’t now that’s okay, it will come.  Toxins being released make you feel sick, like headaches, nausea, just achey and blaa….drink your water, flush the garbage out….make sure you’re drinking your fresh juices, green drinks and taking some olive oil and mineral salt….it will pass….and your health will spring forward.  Two years ago when I did it I was so full of aspartame….I had no idea how poisonous it was….I was really sick for about a day and a half but when it all passed I felt better than I had in a very long time…not just physically but emotionally too….that stuff is poison.

Emotionally and mentally I feel very mellow….I wasn’t earlier though.  I took Brett back to school yesterday after he was home for 2 1/2 weeks, I got used to him being here and being aware of what he was doing and where he was and when he was gone again it made me feel panicky….I think that I had momentary separation anxiety….it’s really hard to let them grow up : )  He’s fine though….more than fine actually, he’s doing an awesome job.

Spiritually I’m feeling very aware and clear.  The Daniel fast is supposed to bring awareness of God’s vision for our lives and that’s what the 21 day fast is so don’t forget to tune in and ask for that insight.

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