Happy New Year…Ready for the fast?

Hi Everybody.  I’m so excited about 2009 that I started my fast yesterday.  I didn’t intend to and I had all of my food planned out for the day, but I really felt that God was telling me to start yesterday.  I was reminded about “First Fruits”, what you do with the first governs the rest.  I had my food planned out for today as well….and was really looking forward to it….but again was led to continue not just today but tomorrow as well….I think that I will be on the food again….and I am doing the juice and soy milk….not just a water fast.  I hope this doesn’t upset anyone that I started ahead of schedule….maybe it was because I am leading it on this site and it will help you to see me doing it first.

Today I feel amazing, I even did “The Firm” workout this morning….yesterday I did yoga.  Last night Eric, Brett, Alexis and I put our goals for 2009 into an envelope that will be prayed for all year….with the highest and best for everyone involved.  Do you have your list ready?  Remember, “you have not because you ask not”.

Fasting is a powerful spiritual experience, lets make the most of it.  It’s not just for your physcial body, it’s for your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well, it can and will release strongholds…you don’t have to know what they are to be removed…just ask God…He does.   I have a list of prayers I say daily but I think that the most important for personal transformation are the 3rd and 7th step (prayers listed in the site).  The very first fast I did was with that.  I just emptied myself and asked God to pour Himself in….and He did!  I absolutely love the feeling…and I’m praying for all of you who are joining me….or even thinking of joining me on this journey too.

Again, the fast I do is under “detoxification” on the site, it’s with juices not just water.  Consult with your doctor for any questions pertaining to your personal condition.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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