Life is good

We did a fast, (juice fast), with our church yesterday and it helped me decide how to do the one for bringing in the new year…which will be awesome….I’ll tell you more in a minute.  I decided to start on January 5 because it’s a Monday and do juice only on Monday’s and the Daniel fast for the other day’s within the 21 day period.  The renewal and calmness I feel today is noticable and I would like to experience that every week.  You know, it always makes perfect sense after I’ve done it….the body just needs a little rest to rid itself of the bulk….even when the bulk is healthy.

I’m so excited about bringing in the healthy new year with 2 classes at the YMCA in Holt starting right away the first week of January.  It just feels really good and right….that was my awesome news by the way.  The class description and details should be up within the next couple of days, so please join us if you can it’s going to be fun!

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