Join me in bringing in the New Year with joy

I wanted to get you to think of this with plenty of time to adapt to it if you’ve never done it before.  What I’m going to suggest that you do with me is something that I learned about 5 years ago that was a major componant in changing my life for the better.  It will break any strongholds, (weather you know about them or not), you’re spiritual connection will be improved and the difference you will notice in your body, energy, thought and emotions will amaze you.  Do I have your attention?  Good…now stay with me okay?  I’m suggesting starting the year with a fast…the type will depend on you….I’m also suggesting this now so you have time for prayer and meditation on it to let God show you which is best for you….if you are on medication, have a medical condition or concern of course check with your doctor first.  What I have done in the past is a 3 day juice fast, (details are under “detoxification”) on this site, followed by an additional 18 days of the Daniel fast, (vegan diet).  During this time I pray for what I want to come in and what I want to go out….asking for that or better and that it’s in the highest and best interest for all concerned….I also ask for God’s direct guidance and insight….it’s an awesome experience.  Right now my only uncertainty is weather I’m going to start with the 3 day juice fast or do it 1 day a week during the 21 days….it depends on what is scheduled the first week of January.  If you are really toxic and/or have never done it before, you may only want to do one day or just the Daniel fast for the whole time….pray and ask God what to do.  Let me know if you want to do it with me and have a wonderful week!

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