Please Pray for Jack

I took our dog Jack…(he’s a long haired chihuahua…very cute and very loved)… the vet last week because he was coughing, I thought it was a cold or some minor thing that they could diagnose, treat and all would be well.  It turns out that his big heart is too big and pressing against his esophagus, he also had fluid in his lungs, Jack is 8.  The vet gave me an antibiotic and a diuretic and asked us to come back in 10 days.  I am doing Reiki on him every night and instead of regular snacks I’ve been giving him carrots, peas, jicama, brown rice, chicken and olive oil….live enzymes and heart smart stuff.  He seems great.  He’s energetic and a happy boy…he’s been getting extra attention….he’s always a happy boy though….he’s still coughing though.  We really love him…and with Brett going to collage in a couple of weeks…we really want Jack to be in tip top shape asap so please send Jack all of the love, light and prayers that you will…we really appreciate it!

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