Is it August already?

Why does summer seem to go so much faster than winter?  I know that I’m going to be one of those people who keep following the warm weather….I am so not in to snow….not a good thing for someone who lives in Michigan….but it is a truly beautiful state.  Alexis and I went horseback riding yesterday…she loved it!  I had a horse at her age and I loved it too….there was nothing I’d rather be doing….I think that my body out grew that though : )

On the food, I’m still as much raw as I was before.  I have had some other proteins; cooked salmon, eggs, feta cheese, but it’s still mostly yogurt and kefir.  One thing that really got to me last week was a fear of eating the eggs.  I think that because of other addictions that I’ve had; cigarettes, alcohol, sugar and flour that it’s stuck in my head to not have that “first one”…which is very appropriate with those addictions….and a non-negotiable….one day at a time of course.  I really appreciate the benefits of the raw food life style and I like calling myself a part of it.  I had to admit to myself that I am the one who decided that yogurt and kefir would be “raw”…they’re not because they are pasturized….but they do have live pro-biotics and as long as I stick with the organic I won’t have the hormones or anti-biotics and other chemicals…so it is healthy…but not raw…and really it’s ok.  I thought that if I had something else at home…not in a restaurant…that I would be giving in….failing….not true.  I have read so many books, blogs and websites written by raw foodists who have their “non-negotiables” but also live life and don’t stick to it 100% all the time…but they do most of the time.  The key here is balance and to do the best I can at all times…and sometimes my body wants some cooked protein.  It’s funny that I let my ego take over on this, it’s a surrender…my food…to God….and yet I let my ego dictate to me on not eating eggs out of fear of losing my “status”….(a status that was only in my head anyway)…when feeding my body what it needs for optimal health is my goal.  What a trouble maker the ego can be!  Pray, ask God for direction….then follow….it’s that easy.

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