2 months raw today!

What an exciting adventure this is! I have had a few cooked foods in the past 2 months…but only 3…and I don’t want to make this so hard that it dampens my life…only enhances it. What I’ve noticed is that I can eat a lot more food and my weight is down. Last time I weighed myself (last Thursday), I was 125, I have been staying around 130 and when I have reached 127 Eric would say I looked drawn…sickly….and now I look very healthy. I am also naturally very white and I’ve been out in the sun quite a bit lately and have tanned pretty nicely….I burned very slightly at first but it was over quick, and I’m still tan. I also had a (corn?), something hard and painful on the bottom of my foot for well over a year, I would dig at it, put lotion on it, ignore it, push it, etc and it wouldn’t go away…the other day, I scratched it a little and it fell off. I will admit though though that I had a colonic too…not really the kind of information I want to share but since this is for the benefit of health I will and that may also have had something to do with loosening up what was stuck. I read through Natalia Rose’s 3 Books on Raw food living and she is really for it….and reading it reminded me that I hadn’t done that in a very long time. And last but not least are the emotional releases, mental clarity, feeling of peace and security…things are coming up and lifting. I have no intension of stopping this now. I’m not doing it perfectly either, I’m still drinking coffee and Diet Pepsi Max and I eat yogurt and kefir for the protein…they are processed but have the live pro-biotics in them…I also have a scoop of Eniva’s whey protein powder in the morning in my smoothie, there is something in the whey protein that stimulates the body to make more glutathione which will rev up your anti oxidants…keeping you younger and healthier….it’s one of the new biggies in supplements…and my goal is to be as healthy and as clean as I can be…while still enjoying life…(coffee and diet Pepsi Max : ) Who knows what will happen later….I never thought that I’d be doing what I’ve been doing over the past few years…and the wonderful gifts that would come out of it…I never even thought that someone would eat all raw food…or how much what we eat effects every other area in our lives….I’m so obsessed with learning about it and living it…it’s been 2 really neat months of the as close as I can get right now lifestyle…and for now this is close enough…I’m going to continue in the same way that I have been until I’m led to do it another way.

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