Happy Graduation Brett!!!

Wow, he did it…and he did it so well….now he’s on to becoming who he’s going to be…well not today : ) It was so wonderful seeing so many kids and their families that we’ve know through these years…it’s a group effort…we’re all a part of each others lives….we are a community….I love it!

We went out to dinner with Brett’s two best friends and their families…they’re like our family too. I had been raw for over 2 weeks until that meal…I planned it…but I’ve got to tell you….I really prefer to eat raw. The next time I do it I’ll stick to the salad bar more and maybe bring my own protein. I felt bloated and very thirsty from all the salt…I added a lot more to the food because the taste was cooked out. I also had a headache…I still do a little. I was so worried that I’d eat the cooked food…and meat…I had some chicken…and want to ditch this whole raw thing all together…but it was the opposite….I’m happy to get back to the raw food this morning…it’s so naturally good and full of life…it’s clean. I like what my sponsor says about the food we eat…she means cooked too….”this is what God created for us…it’s beautiful, colorful and tastes so good.” Yes it does!

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