Back to normal…or not.

Well today is day 7…I did it…I almost gave up after day 3…today what I notice is lines are less apparent on my face…I’m serious…and the skin on my face is more plump…in a good way, I lost 5.5lbs…I was a little over on my weight at the beginning of this and my intention was never to lose weight…that’s just one of the things that happened…I’m very happy with my weight.   I’m also having more insight into things that were cloudy before…and things that I want to talk about on here…like forgiveness for ourselves and others…and offense…I realized through this past few days that I am easily offended when no offense may even have been meant, and even if it was…why do I want to take offense?  I have decided that I either need to ask for clarification or let it go…I refuse to guess about what other people may be thinking or intending…asking is so much easier, life is too short for this kind of drama going on in my head.  I don’t want to stop the raw food…I think that I want to see what will happen in a month…and this is a good time of year to do it, the fruits and vegetables are so good.  I’ve been eating raw sweet corn mixed with sprouts and broccoli slaw…it is so good.  I sprouted some wheat berries thinking that I’d put some Braggs on them for flavor….they taste so good the way they are….I am a salt addict…love it…can’t get enough….with the raw food though, I barely touched it.  This has been a great lesson…one that I hope stays with me….how was it for you?

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