Well this is the reason for getting so cleaned out…so I thought I’d better write about it. The days leading up to it were cleansing…emotionally as well as physically…nothing dramatic…just an awareness and a release….I think maybe because I trust now that it is ok to go with the flow…not to push it down or away…especially during this time…I’m only recognizing it as it is released from me.

The meditation was very nice. The feeling I went away with was very loving and peaceful. Do you believe that you are truly God’s child? Do you believe that you have all of the rights, responsibilities, privileges, gifts, security and abilities that go with that? Do you believe that you are completely loved, cherished, valued and protected? I got the message last night that I don’t fully believe that, but that it doesn’t make it any less true I also got that message a month or so ago. I want to believe it with all my heart and soul, what a wonderful way that would be to exist. I know it’s possible and I will ask daily for God to help me to believe…and I know that eventually…I will.

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