I’m actually on Day 5

I got mixed up there somewhere.  I also wanted to tell you yesterday that I’ve done a different and more challenging yoga tape this week…and the end of last week…I believe that that released more toxins.  It feels bad when that happens…sometimes I feel a rush of heat…yesterday I did in my lower back and the same area a few days ago…it’s followed by a feeling that you’re going to be sick….but it goes, which is a good thing….those are usually toxins that were lodged in the intestines….likely the colon….and we need to get them out of us.  Many people live with impacted colons and don’t even know it…if your bowels aren’t moving a couple of times a day…that’s a sign that you really need a cleanse.  My cousin told me today that her cousin on her other side…a 22 year old…was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer…that’s so scary especially with someone so young.   There seems to be a reminder all the time to really take care of the body, find out what it needs and take the steps to do it.

The food I have for today isn’t anything new.  I will tell you though that I mixed stevia and cinnamon into the groats with raw sunflower seeds, sliced strawberries and banana…very good.  Part of me doesn’t want to stop eating like this…it feels really good…well I’m committed through Thursday so we’ll see then.

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