More on Day 3

I can totally see how people can get hooked on eating this way!  At around 2:00 to 3:00 I usually totally run out of energy and need to lay down for about 20 minutes…eating lunch makes me more tired.  Today, I have an abundance of energy…my lunch actually energized me instead of making me tired.  I put the recipe on line…it sounds really simple…and is….Mung bean salad….mung beans are supposed to be a great for detoxifying the liver and nourishing to the kidney’s…clean kidney’s help produce prettier hair!  The groats this morning and the corn…which was totally awesome…really helped me stick with this.  I think that I was releasing toxins…I did that a couple of winters ago and felt really sick…I think that was on day two also…and I wanted to quit, but something urged me to go just a little longer, I’m so glad that I did…that time and this time….I feel so good!

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