Count down to raw food week.

Raw food weekWe had the raw food after meditation today…I’m so happy with how well it went…every bit of food was gone and everyone seemed so happy…I love it when people are happy with me : )

If you are doing this with me you may want to get some beans, (lentils, garbanzo, soy, mung, etc) soaking…the sprouting takes a few days so we have to plan ahead. I plan on also using kefir and yogurt for protein…and some raw cheese…so I’ll have some ready on a whim protein…but if you are doing this vegan style…get those beans a soaking tonight : )

I’ll also write what I’m eating each day…or what I plan to eat for the following day…to give you some ideas…and let you know how it’s going…please write to me on how you’re doing too. This can also…probably will…release toxins from your body…especially the digestive system and can give you some flu like symptoms…but it’s a good thing….let those toxins go. Drink a lot of water…minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces….if you weigh 150…that’s 75 oz of water.

You can also use a green drink to help re-alkalize your body and help flush more of the toxins out, I use “Green Magma Plus“, you can get it at most health food stores, or order it from my website. It is also possible to release toxic emotions…have a good friend ready to talk to…and/or pad of paper and pen….let those toxins go as well…they need to get out. Last year we were also saying the Lord’s prayer and The Great Invocation 9 times each every day during this time…I never stopped….it’s a habit now. Be patient and kind with yourself, this is going to be a wonderful experience….talk to you tomorrow : )

One thought on “Count down to raw food week.

  1. It is very interesting that I come across this blog. I was searching for sites with information on the Great Invocation. I didn’t expect to find it here with information about raw foods, but it is a very pleasant surprise. I am so glad to hear that the use of the Invocation became a daily habit. I help to organize several Great Invocation triangles each year. (That’s where you say it each day with two others in mind, thereby forming a triangle of light, love, and power).

    IF you ever need any hep finding triangle partners,. don’t hesitate to contact me at the email address above.


    PS: the link will take you to a couple of books I have recently written about the unique linguistic properties of the Invocation’s words.

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