Happy Mothers Day!

I had a great Mother’s Day. We went to a buffet for lunch/dinner…about 16 of us…we were supposed to go to the park afterward but the weather was cold and raining. Alexis got me a gift certificate to the book store…I love books…and Brett is going to treat me to the movie of my choice. Eric bought me a dehydrator and I’m going to make sweet potato chips tomorrow….that’s a raw food : ) There are also crackers, granola and other raw foods you can make in it…the big thing is to not cook over 118 degrees…that kills the enzymes…but we can still enjoy some “baked” foods that are totally healthy.

After the raw food week I intend on going back to eating cooked foods, I just want to eat as many super healthy foods as I can…and if they’re good…I will. I also started the garbanzo beans soaking for the Wednesday taste tester…it’s a 2-3 day process to get sprouts…it couldn’t be easier…but it does take a few days. We hope to have a “You Tube” presentation on it very soon…and other foods too if it works out well…like using the saladacco, making raw spaghetti sauce, sweet potato pizza and other foods too…mostly for the unique types.

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