Very good raw food dinner.

zucchini pasta recipeOK, I’m getting jazzed about the raw food week…it starts next Friday the 16th…one week from today. I offered to show some raw food to my meditation group friends on Wednesday to get ready for Wesak…so I’m bringing some sample food and wanted to try raw spaghetti sauce before serving it….

I’ve been eating the zucchini in the saladacco now for about a year, but I put prepared spaghetti sauce and Kraft parmesan cheese on it. Tonight I whipped up some raw spaghetti sauce…and didn’t use cheese….Eric even liked it…and he liked it on the zucchini “pasta”….that’s good because he’s even more picky than the kids….well, he’s actually been very adventurous lately…how fun.

I also made raw salad dressing….the recipe on the bottle of Bragg’s, a vinegarette…also good….I had a kefir smoothie for desert…and amaranth…I really wasn’t planning a raw meal so I didn’t change that…but I’m excited…I’m going to be able to do this for a week…no problem. I hope you’ll give it a try with me…I know from the juice fasts that I’ve done that it feels so good, clean and energizing.

I think for the raw food demo I’ll also bring some raw hummus with carrots and jicama…I just heard of jicama about 2 years ago…it’s very crispy and crunchy…it’s not really popular here…at least with people that I have talked to….but most people do like it when they try it. Oh, and lucky me, they had raw cheese on sale at The Better Health Store, so I’m ready with that too. So, that’ll be raw zucchini pasta with raw spaghetti sauce, salad with raw dressing, hummus with veggies to dip and maybe a keifer smoothie for desert…then I’ll have to bring the blender too…I’ll see how it goes…I’m going to need to be able to do this pretty quick.

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