Pineapple/raisin muffin cake, getting set for raw food week and Wesak.

I made the Pineapple/raisin muffin cake for breakfast this morning…it was very good. I had it with 1/2 C yogurt and walnuts…it would also be good with banana or cherry flavoring added to it…or strawberry with strawberries and banana’s instead of the raisins…there’s so much you could do with it!

I’ve been looking through recipes and reading again on the benefits of the raw food diet….it gets me excited to do it. My biggest dilemma on it is weather or not to keep coffee. Originally I thought that I would make sun tea and be good with that…but I drink a lot of caffeine and am afraid that I would suffer quite a bit if I just went off cold turkey…I’ve done that before and I’m worthless…no energy for any thing…so I think that I want to keep that option open. I do realize that the fact that I need to think about this so much does mean that I may have a problem with the caffeine…I’m just not ready to give that up yet : ) Eric and I were laughing this morning…I used to be so addicted to so many things, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, flour…now my addiction is to see how unattached to things I can get.

I also read more about Wesak. For years now…14 or 15….I’ve gone to a Wesak Celebration/Meditation every year hosted by Al…not really knowing what it was for…just knowing that I was somehow changed for the better from it…and I love the meditations with Al what ever they are on….there is something very special about him and meditating with him is a wonderful experience….anyway….this is a Celebration of Buddha and during this time…the 2 days before….spiritual energies are brought to us….we are in the receptive mode of it and receiving energy and insight from our souls and higher…way higher than that…the 2 days after Wesak the energies are sent out through us for the benefit of humanity….what a beautiful thing to happen. I know without a doubt that I have personally benefited from the experiences over the past 14 years or so and I believe that my family has benefited from it as well. This year I want to be conscious and focused with what I am doing…while also surrendering to God to use me as he needs to…

I hope this isn’t too far out for people…even if you think that I’m a little coo coo though…it’s a nice coo coo….remember the open mind : ) I want to get myself ready for this by cleaning my body out as well as I can and also keep my thoughts and emotions clean as well…like I said…it has always been a wonderful experience…and I don’t want to miss one drop of the blessings that can come to or through me. Blessings to you.

One thought on “Pineapple/raisin muffin cake, getting set for raw food week and Wesak.

  1. I am soo glad you liked my recipe! I like the other ideas and addtions you had as well!

    Also, on the Apple Banana Rasin crisp recipe, do you know if that is UNCOOKED oatmeal? I would love to try it!

    Thanking you in advance

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