Why no sugar no flour?

Why No Sugar, No FlourMy Blog and website (Happy2BeMe.com) are based on a no sugar no flour lifestyle…and you may not know why…so I wanted to explain it a little bit. They are both detrimental to our health and well being and you don’t have to have an extreme compulsion with it for it to cause problems for you. I just added an article about “Why no sugar, no flour” (click here to read). Have you watched “Super Size Me” yet? The man in the film was really brave to eat the way he did for the 30 days and document everything…in that short time he did so much damage to his body and emotions you never would have guessed that he had been living a vegan lifestyle just a few weeks before.

Long term though sugar and flour can break down the immune system, speed up aging, cause diabetes, cancer and other serious problems…On the other hand…changing that lifestyle into the healthier choices that we’re doing here can heal those problems as well. Have I told you lately how glad I am that you’re walking this path with me?

3 thoughts on “Why no sugar no flour?

  1. have you heard of a group called FA (food addicts in recovery)?
    it’s a step-child of AA.
    it is based on the principle that some people are addicted to flour & sugar just as the alcoholic is addicted to alcohol.
    so people in the fellowship help each other abstain from flour & sugar and work the 12 steps.
    there is some amazing recovery going on!
    it is common for members to have lost 100,200 even 300+ pounds and keep them.
    also much recovery from diabetes, high blood pressure and a multitude of other ills.
    check it out at foodaddictsinrecovery.com

  2. We feasted on your cabbage lasagna recipe for the 4th of July!!! Fantastic!! I took this to a picnic and it was the hit of the day!!

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