David Wolfe was right

Hey, for those of you who want to know…and if you have this problem…you’ll want to know….the David Wolfe remedies for constipation worked.  I took about a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar with my meals…and things have been working again…that fast…thank you David Wolfe!

I went to a banquet/buffet tonight with lots of yummies.  I took my salad with raw dressing and yogurt…(and watermelon for my dish to pass)….I’m not even embarrassed anymore to bring my own food…my salad though was huge…it was a pot luck and Eric said people were going to think that I just took my own pot…ha ha…but I don’t think anyone really noticed…and it’s ok if they did.  The sugar got to me a little, the look and the smell, but I chewed some sugar free gum and got over it.

I still like the raw food that I’m eating, but am ready for something new….I keep dreaming about the sweet potato pizza…and I may have it when we’re not so busy…right now it’s actually easier just throwing these salads together and having yogurt or kefir…adding cauliflower and peas this week gave me a boost and some variety.  Reading stories about raw people and their transformations makes me want to stick with it for the month and see what  it will do for me…but many of them do admit to not sticking 100% with it all of the time…but I think most of the time.  We’re going out to eat after Brett graduates next  Sunday…and I will keep mostly raw, but to have protein, I’m going to have to have processed cheese or cooked fish or meat….Cea HOW comes first for me…but this has been fitting in well.  I’m taking a mini class on Thursday to learn how to ferment raw foods….sauerkraut sounds really good right now…really good.  I’m going to get some oats ready to sprout tomorrow…I’ve been eating sprouted wheat berries for breakfast with stevia and cinnamon, sunflower seeds, banana and strawberries….good stuff!  I also finally got a melon that tastes good…and it was really good…that will be with my breakfast tomorrow too.  Well, I’m done eating for the day so all this talk about food needs to wait until tomorrow : )

Happy Memorial Day

Oprah imageHope you had a great weekend…mine was good for getting things done and seeing people…it had a nice rhythm. I have stayed raw…actually I’ve been obsessed with reading about it…but that’s me obsessive/compulsive. I just found out that Oprah is leading the way for a 21 day cleanse…go Oprah! I’ve got to tell you, I feel really good…and it’s only been 11 days…I am still drinking coffee too…lets not get too radical, right?

The past 5 or 6 days my food has been so easy to make and satisfying. I was craving cauliflower and looked up that it has sulfur in it and it was something that I’m in need of…I’ve also been constipated…who would think that you could possibly get constipated eating all of these vegetables? In “Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe, I read that its important to build hydrochloric acid when going raw to break down the foods we’re eating…eating all the cooked foods and animal proteins lowers our bodies natural ability to do this….and will constipate you….so I’m taking some of the suggestions like having apple cider vinegar with my meal (salad) and adding back some salt…I haven’t been eating any…but it’s the organic Himalayan Sea Salt…I’ll let you know how it goes…there were more suggestions…but I can’t give away his whole book.

Back to normal…or not.

Well today is day 7…I did it…I almost gave up after day 3…today what I notice is lines are less apparent on my face…I’m serious…and the skin on my face is more plump…in a good way, I lost 5.5lbs…I was a little over on my weight at the beginning of this and my intention was never to lose weight…that’s just one of the things that happened…I’m very happy with my weight.   I’m also having more insight into things that were cloudy before…and things that I want to talk about on here…like forgiveness for ourselves and others…and offense…I realized through this past few days that I am easily offended when no offense may even have been meant, and even if it was…why do I want to take offense?  I have decided that I either need to ask for clarification or let it go…I refuse to guess about what other people may be thinking or intending…asking is so much easier, life is too short for this kind of drama going on in my head.  I don’t want to stop the raw food…I think that I want to see what will happen in a month…and this is a good time of year to do it, the fruits and vegetables are so good.  I’ve been eating raw sweet corn mixed with sprouts and broccoli slaw…it is so good.  I sprouted some wheat berries thinking that I’d put some Braggs on them for flavor….they taste so good the way they are….I am a salt addict…love it…can’t get enough….with the raw food though, I barely touched it.  This has been a great lesson…one that I hope stays with me….how was it for you?


Well this is the reason for getting so cleaned out…so I thought I’d better write about it. The days leading up to it were cleansing…emotionally as well as physically…nothing dramatic…just an awareness and a release….I think maybe because I trust now that it is ok to go with the flow…not to push it down or away…especially during this time…I’m only recognizing it as it is released from me.

The meditation was very nice. The feeling I went away with was very loving and peaceful. Do you believe that you are truly God’s child? Do you believe that you have all of the rights, responsibilities, privileges, gifts, security and abilities that go with that? Do you believe that you are completely loved, cherished, valued and protected? I got the message last night that I don’t fully believe that, but that it doesn’t make it any less true I also got that message a month or so ago. I want to believe it with all my heart and soul, what a wonderful way that would be to exist. I know it’s possible and I will ask daily for God to help me to believe…and I know that eventually…I will.

I’m actually on Day 5

I got mixed up there somewhere.  I also wanted to tell you yesterday that I’ve done a different and more challenging yoga tape this week…and the end of last week…I believe that that released more toxins.  It feels bad when that happens…sometimes I feel a rush of heat…yesterday I did in my lower back and the same area a few days ago…it’s followed by a feeling that you’re going to be sick….but it goes, which is a good thing….those are usually toxins that were lodged in the intestines….likely the colon….and we need to get them out of us.  Many people live with impacted colons and don’t even know it…if your bowels aren’t moving a couple of times a day…that’s a sign that you really need a cleanse.  My cousin told me today that her cousin on her other side…a 22 year old…was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer…that’s so scary especially with someone so young.   There seems to be a reminder all the time to really take care of the body, find out what it needs and take the steps to do it.

The food I have for today isn’t anything new.  I will tell you though that I mixed stevia and cinnamon into the groats with raw sunflower seeds, sliced strawberries and banana…very good.  Part of me doesn’t want to stop eating like this…it feels really good…well I’m committed through Thursday so we’ll see then.

More on Day 3

I can totally see how people can get hooked on eating this way!  At around 2:00 to 3:00 I usually totally run out of energy and need to lay down for about 20 minutes…eating lunch makes me more tired.  Today, I have an abundance of energy…my lunch actually energized me instead of making me tired.  I put the recipe on line…it sounds really simple…and is….Mung bean salad….mung beans are supposed to be a great for detoxifying the liver and nourishing to the kidney’s…clean kidney’s help produce prettier hair!  The groats this morning and the corn…which was totally awesome…really helped me stick with this.  I think that I was releasing toxins…I did that a couple of winters ago and felt really sick…I think that was on day two also…and I wanted to quit, but something urged me to go just a little longer, I’m so glad that I did…that time and this time….I feel so good!

Day 3 with raw food.

Tomorrow is Wesak, here’s what I’ll be eating:


  • 1/4 C raw oats (groats) soaked
  • 1 T raw walnuts
  • 8 oz strawberries, pineapple and banana
  • 1 C kefir
  • green drink, stevia, raw cacao


  • Beet, cucumber, zucchini, 3 carrots, (I plan to juice most of this)
  • 4 oz raw corn from a cob
  • 1 oz raw cheese, 1/2 C yogurt
  • 1 T raw walnuts, stevia, raw cacao
  • 1 oz Vibe…I have this every day…I just forget to write it.


  • 2 beets, parsnip, zucchini, jicama, 4 carrots ( I plan to juice all but the jicama and zucchini)
  • 2 oz raw cheese
  • 2 T raw almonds

Have a great day! I hope you’re feeling clean from the inside out! Honestly, I’m having a bit of trouble with it…it’s not sticking with me long enough…I’m adding the oats and corn for tomorrow…I think that will help…how are you doing?