One more time with the amaranth…exercise and detox.

I had the amaranth cold tonight…I have at least 2 servings left…I just put it in the bowl cold…added a spoonful of Stevia, a spoonful of cocoa and 1/2 Tbs of sugar free coconut syrup…that was very good…I will have it again tomorrow…and add it to the recipe page…it’s also supposed to be good for your lungs and I’ve had a cough…so I will finish it for sure.

I haven’t been doing my regular workouts for the past few weeks because of spring cleaning and last week I was down with this cold….by the way I didn’t start the Body Flex and Pilates until Sunday…so I’m a week behind in seeing how it will effect the waistline…sorry. Tonight I took the dog for a walk then came home and did The Firm….there is no substitute for your regular workout…it’s like my body’s saying “Thank you Sandee!!!”

I hope this doesn’t gross you out…but it’s exciting…I told you the the infrared sauna is a great detoxifier…it wouldn’t be fun just to sit in there and sweat if it wasn’t…but it also got all my “pipes” cleaned out big time! I filled the toilet before I went to bed…then about 3 times this morning before breakfast…I felt pretty good today…I did : )

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