Amaranth and Far Infrared Sauna

Picture of Amaranth grainI found and made the amaranth…it was at the health food store. It looks and has the texture of quinoa (refer to picture on the right) …only a little smaller….I love quinoa (pronounced keen-wa)….the amaranth was ok and I’ll finish it…but it’s not at the top of my list…I mixed in some Stevia, cinnamon and banana extract and it tasted pretty good…but does have a bit of a bitter…wheat like taste.

I’m going to go and sit in the far infrared sauna and read the Oprah’s Class book…A New Earth…I’m not doing the class…but I still want to read the book. The far infrared sauna is excellent for detoxification and circulation…it’s supposed to remove the heavy metals and other toxins deep in the fat cells…including the fat…it makes you sweat…that’s for sure…and I usually don’t, even when doing an hour long work out…I may get a little warm…but I never sweat…and it’s so important to…so I sit in there and do it…it’s very nice. I also like it for the super cleaning of my skin…it makes it so soft…and is said to keep it youthful…sounds like enough good reasons to me!

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