Do you believe prayer works?

This was my question for today…I wanted to share it with you….what are your thoughts?
Yes, I absolutely believe that it works…with all my heart. I’m also learning that there is not a no answer…if my prayers are not getting answered…or don’t “seem” to be getting answered….it’s because I’m not in alignment with my desire somehow on some level. When I’m clear, happy, focused and detached at the same time and can see it…it happens. When I’m uncertain, stressed, resentful…it usually doesn’t…even in despair…I think that I’ve been clear, certain and focused on the fact that I needed help and was willing and open to receive it. More and more I believe that God really did make us in His image and gave us the ability to do as He does….we are part of Him…we have what He has…He knows it better but wants to teach us to be like Him too…we are gods in the making…hearing that used to scare me…I thought it was blasphamy…but it says that in the Bible…and Jesus said that we would do all that He did and more….I still feel a little afraid saying that…like I’m going to be in big big trouble…so I guess I don’t fully believe it…or accept it…but I pray for guidance and know that I will receive it…and I know that God loves me completely and knows that I have absolute love and respect for Him and that I want to do His will for me…so I think that even if I’m wrong…He won’t zap me…He’ll just correct me….lovingly.

6 thoughts on “Do you believe prayer works?

  1. How do I contact you? I have never been on a blog before and I would love to find out more. I started HOW 25 days ago after being in OA for 12 years. I am back in my size 8s, down from size 18, and still seem to be loosing. I always wanted to be a size 2 or 4 and never could get there before. I am trusting God with this one because I have seen more physical recovery in the last 23 days than in the previous 4 months. I have been abstinent since 1/1/07, and have released about 35 pounds prior to HOW in regular OA, but was starting to plateau. I weigh in next Thursday and feel like I have lost one size and at least 8 pounds. Love your website/Blog! Thanks for sharing your recovery!

  2. I have learned the best prayer is to pray of self understanding, to know oneself. Ask the Creator to make the decisions in our lives, because the Creator knows what is best for us. Have you discovered that you do not perceive your own best interest? To follow direction you cannot tell Higher Power what you want or think is best for you, because if you knew this you would not need to pray. To communicate with Spirit requires that you NOT place your conditions on Spirit. Consider this…. when YOU pray for things in your life and try to figure out your life, then you can only blame yourself for your life, because it is the one that YOU are deciding to experience.

  3. I certainly believe in the power of prayer. I have so much expereince with God, and Him answering my prayers over the last 22 years that I have been in recovery. The best decision I ever made was asking God into my life. I like this Blog because I can talk about recovery in CEA-HOW, OA, and Jesus as my HP.

    The Lord just brought me through, and is continuing to carry me, 2 of the hardest and most challenging months I have had in a long time. My youngest sister suddenly, and unexpectedly died on February 27 th of this year at the age 51. One from month the day she died I was taken to the hospital and had to have an emergency bowel obstruction surgery.

    During the weeks following my sisters death, and the loss of her 7 year old adopted son from our family I got back into using sugar again to dull my pain. In my 22 years of recovery from my food addiction my sisters death has impacted more than I can say. While in the hospital myself, recovering from surgery I prayed that The Lord would give me the strength to abstain from s/w/f. Praise God I have 30 day abstinence. PRAYER works.

  4. Wow Karren, you’re going through so much. Yes, God will give you the strength to go through this…when I went through all of the deaths in my family it helped me so much to say the 3rd and 7th step prayers every day…I still say them…and it still helps…just with life in general. Talking through all of the questions with my sponsor was so valuable too….I am at peace and feel joy again and I was not sure that that would happen again. I am so glad that this website is helping you…it’s what it’s for. Congratulations on your 30 days…we can do this one day at a time…sometimes one moment at a time.

  5. I do believe that prayers work…I have so many stories that proves that…but despite this I still succumbed to temptations and remembered to pray only when I need him…when I need a fix for my mistakes.
    The last five years of my life has been totally different. Recovery was very smooth .I managed to turn my life around through the love and support of love ones and sincere desire to live a better life.
    I chose the right path on the crossroad and now I understand his plans for me and I now pray for thanks instead of praying for wants.
    something happened to me the last 7 weeks that is the most amazing gift I ever received from him…It made every love song my song, it made all my thoughts joyful and the future very exciting…this I put all in his hands because I know this is his plan in action and its absolutely wonderful.
    This is how my prayers were answered.

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