As a man thinks…so is he.

It’s everywhere…what you think about…you bring about. The Law of Attraction…Where the mind goes…the man follows…If you can believe it…you can acheive it….and the list goes on and on. Powerful things these minds of ours are…very powerful. Who are you listening to? What are you telling yourself? Ester Hicks said in one of her talks about Abraham…she asked…”Are you telling us not to face reality?” she answered…”Yes…unless that is the reality that you want to experience”. Of course we need to deal with things that come up in life…but how we feel about them, think about them and choose to see them makes all the difference on how we experience things. What kind of life are you creating for yourself? Do you enjoy it?

One thought on “As a man thinks…so is he.

  1. A mind thinks it is a man, and so experiences the limited: time… space….. illness…. death…. an idea of love…. an idea of peace.

    What a man thinks is only a thought, an idea, a belief, a conclusion.

    Now Ester Hicks enjoys making money, and traveling the world. Her role seems to be to communicate “Abraham’s words” so that beings can then make ideas about them, and then use them for magic.

    The Law of Attraction is a LAW. It cannot be broken. That means it is working ALWAYS… not just when you are conjuring up “love” or “money” or “success” or “health”. To think you can use your own “ideas about the law of attraction” as tools IS magic.

    If you did not enjoy what you are experiencing would it even be created?

    Why “choose” how you feel and what you see about something? Do you think there are choices? Perhaps one should ask for meaning, rather than give meaning to what one sees.

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