My weight is not my concern

My sponsor so kindly reminded me that I didn’t get to where I am on my own and that I won’t get fat again…If I gain weight…we take away a food…if I lose…we add…it’s as simple as that. My body will fluctuate from time to time…I just need to follow the program. Exercise still has it’s place though…just not to be used as a control tool…it’s for youth, vitality, strength, flexibility, release of emotions, etc. I really have a great sponsor! Having said that…I am calm and normal again this morning…and I would still like to tighten up my stomach…so I did take the measurements…waist 30….ab area 34…and I did the 20 minute Winsor Pilates…I wrote down the exercises a long time ago so I can do them in front of the t.v….so it really took about 10 or 15 minutes…I don’t need the explanation every time. My plan is to do it Wed, Sat and Sun…I do The Firm on Mon and Thurs and Yoga on Tues and Fri….I feel great when I’m doing this…but if I miss one…I just carry on to the next thing….it’s ok….it’s a lifestyle…not a marathon. It’s a beautiful sunny day here…we’re going to go to church…then I want to clean my car….we’ll see if I still do later : )

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