I’m feeling a little nervous…ok…a lot….when you’re a compulsive obsessive person…the middle road on this kind of thing is easy to get off of. Funny, I just said yesterday that I can wear white…I did tonight…with my new jeans…Alexis said it made me look big…and the jeans felt a little snug….my weight was fine on Thursday…but I’m still freaking out a bit. When I started “spring cleaning” a few weeks ago…I slowed down on my workouts…I figured that I was getting enough exercise with the cleaning…well now my stomach seems bigger….I wasn’t even thinking about any of this a few hours ago…now I’m obsessing…any way…I stopped doing Pilates quite a few months ago…and I’m going to start again in the morning…I’ll let you know how it goes….I’m going to measure my waist and abs in the morning too…then in a couple of weeks.

Eric just walked by and told me again that I looked really good…but I’m still going to do the Pilates and measurements. I ate at an all you can eat buffet…I like them because I can get enough vegetables with out paying a lot more….but now I’m looking back at it wondering if I ate too many beans…I think I did…I think I need to just go to bed and end this day and be normal again tomorrow. Good night Gracie : )

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