Mirror mirror on the wall….

Hey, you’ve got to go and try on clothes at Yonkers…they have magic mirrors!  Alexis and I went shopping today…she called me while I was in there and I told her that I looked super skinny in there…she said Mom you are skinny…I said not this skinny…she came in in disbelief…then I couldn’t pry her away from that mirror…she tried on all sorts of things in it…I’m the only one who bought anything though…I hope the jeans look good on me here : )  This is my 3rd spring being a size 4 or 2…depends on the brand….I’m still amazed and so grateful….everything in my closet fits me…it wasn’t like that before…I had a stuffed to the max closet with sizes 10-18…it took probably 4 or 5 times of taking huge garbage bags of stuff out of there….as soon as I got to 16’s I got rid of all my 18’s, then 16’s, then 14’s….I was so surprised when I was able to get into smaller than 10’s…they looked so little before…so little that I couldn’t believe that I ever wore them….I never dreamed I could wear such small sizes….I like going to the mall again…I used to just grab any dark blue, black, dark brown thing that would fit me…now I can wear bright colors and white!  I love to shop again : )  It’s a nice safe feeling too and not a struggle with this program…I so love how it works on the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual…I need it all!

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