Dr. Gott’s No Flour No Sugar Diet

No SugarI picked up a book today by Dr. Gotts called “Dr. Gott’s No Flour No Sugar Diet”. It confirmed a lot of what we do and why we do it. I started eating this way because of vanity…I was sick and tired of being fat and feeling bad about myself…but the more I learn about this lifestyle, the more I want to live it for my health and well being…and of course to stay slender : )

The horrible diseases so many American’s and European’s face today like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, many cancers and more are all linked to the way we are eating…how can it be enjoyable anymore to stuff ourselves like pigs with that garbage? I admit I totally enjoyed it many times…but not nearly as much as I love popping out of bed at 6:00 with energy, having all the clothes in my closet and drawers fit, my emotions manageable and enjoyable, my food being beautiful, delicious and satisfying, my esophagus healed, my husband thinking I’m a hottie and more…

I love being able to communicate with other people who are living this lifestyle, healing and enjoying life…we are becoming the norm…we are changing the course for our families…we don’t have to live like that any more…what freedom….and good for us for making the buck stop here!

Good deal on Vibe through 4-30

If you are wanting to try Vibe…see the page about vitamins on my site for more info…Eniva has a special through the 30th that when you sign up as a preferred customer…which is free and gives you a 20% discount….and buy $99 worth of product…2 bottles of Vibe…you get 20 Vibeletts free…that’s a $50 value. This is the absolute best multi vitamin/mineral supplement available…it’s cell ready and what your body needs in the form it needs it in. I’ve used it for almost 5 years…with a 1 month break to try a similar but less expensive brand…I went right back to Vibe. Give it a try you’ll be happy with the results. To order, visit my vitamin page or call 1-866-999-6084 and give them the number 56750 . I wish you the best in health!

Raw Food Anyone?

Over the past 6 months or so I’ve been reading quite a bit on raw food…and eating a lot more of it too. The benefits are amazing, I’ve spent hours on the computer reading story after story on how the raw food life style has completely transformed the lives of so many people…including people with extreme health conditions like cancer…quite a few of these, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin and energy problems…lots and lots of conditions. This is where I learned about sprouting, the saladacco, juicing whole organic fruits and vegetables instead of what you buy in the can or jar. I have gone totally raw with the juice fast several times using kefir as the protein…also because it was a liquid….but I would like to go on a raw food fast…It’s going to require some preparation and thought…but not a whole lot. There is a special spring meditation coming up…I think that that would be a perfect time to do this….clean the mind, body and soul….it will start on May 16th and go to the 22nd…I’m excited!  At this point I don’t have a dehydrator….and I don’t know if I’ll get one…I will be sprouting legumes, grains and using raw keifer and cheese…they are raw and have the enzymes…some people go raw vegan…and I may try that another time…let’s see how this goes….of course, I will be giving you all of the details.

The Blessing and The Curse

I just had a big ah ha moment. I was watching Gloria Copeland this morning…I get something from so many religious teachers and backgrounds…I like her…she’s a sweet little Texas woman who’s power packed…very cute. Anyway she was talking about the Blessing and the Curse in Deutronomy…of course, given the choice we all want to walk in the Blessing. I have always seen that though as a “Do as I say or I’ll zap you” kind of thing…my religious upbringing was Catholic but through my Grandma and not a complete package…my mother was excommunicated for remarrying…and she had anger against God because her brother died at 28…that’s another story….but I grew up fearing God as a lot of us did…Jesus loves me but God’s gonna get me….I don’t think that any more.

Back to the Blessing and the curse…I see it more like a parent guiding their child….the parent wants their child to have the absolute best they can possibly have….and it’s the parents job to guide the child as they grow up…don’t eat sugar…it will make you fat and give you cavities….get to bed on time…you’ll function better tomorrow, but if you don’t, you’ll be tired and crabby…listen in school and do your homework…you’ll get good grades, learn and advance…if you don’t…you will cut yourself off from or slow down opportunities from coming to you….etc.

The blessing is…come this way…this is great….the curse is the result of our behavior…it’s not God zapping us at all…He’ll do everything He can to help us avoid the curse…but we have free will…just like our kids do…sometimes we need to help them correct their behavior so they don’t hurt themselves and others…but we need to do it by teaching and guiding…we can’t force them…who they become is ultimately up to them….God is just teaching us and guiding us…and warning…not threatening…us of what can happen with our choices…That feels so much better to me…so much better.

One more time with the amaranth…exercise and detox.

I had the amaranth cold tonight…I have at least 2 servings left…I just put it in the bowl cold…added a spoonful of Stevia, a spoonful of cocoa and 1/2 Tbs of sugar free coconut syrup…that was very good…I will have it again tomorrow…and add it to the recipe page…it’s also supposed to be good for your lungs and I’ve had a cough…so I will finish it for sure.

I haven’t been doing my regular workouts for the past few weeks because of spring cleaning and last week I was down with this cold….by the way I didn’t start the Body Flex and Pilates until Sunday…so I’m a week behind in seeing how it will effect the waistline…sorry. Tonight I took the dog for a walk then came home and did The Firm….there is no substitute for your regular workout…it’s like my body’s saying “Thank you Sandee!!!”

I hope this doesn’t gross you out…but it’s exciting…I told you the the infrared sauna is a great detoxifier…it wouldn’t be fun just to sit in there and sweat if it wasn’t…but it also got all my “pipes” cleaned out big time! I filled the toilet before I went to bed…then about 3 times this morning before breakfast…I felt pretty good today…I did : )

Amaranth and Far Infrared Sauna

Picture of Amaranth grainI found and made the amaranth…it was at the health food store. It looks and has the texture of quinoa (refer to picture on the right) …only a little smaller….I love quinoa (pronounced keen-wa)….the amaranth was ok and I’ll finish it…but it’s not at the top of my list…I mixed in some Stevia, cinnamon and banana extract and it tasted pretty good…but does have a bit of a bitter…wheat like taste.

I’m going to go and sit in the far infrared sauna and read the Oprah’s Class book…A New Earth…I’m not doing the class…but I still want to read the book. The far infrared sauna is excellent for detoxification and circulation…it’s supposed to remove the heavy metals and other toxins deep in the fat cells…including the fat…it makes you sweat…that’s for sure…and I usually don’t, even when doing an hour long work out…I may get a little warm…but I never sweat…and it’s so important to…so I sit in there and do it…it’s very nice. I also like it for the super cleaning of my skin…it makes it so soft…and is said to keep it youthful…sounds like enough good reasons to me!

It’s time to spring clean our bodies.

I did a 2 day juice fast…Cea HOW compliant….back in February…and in January…that was 3 days….it’s coming up again…how about you…when’s the last time you’ve had a good cleaning inside? I just added a page on my website about Detoxing…check it out…care to join me?