U of M was a hit.

We took Brett to the U of M Campus Day yesterday…what a great place to be! The people there are so friendly….even the ones who aren’t paid to take people on tours : ) I was worried about the food a little…I called ahead and made sure that they had a salad bar because I can almost always make due with what’s on there…but by the time it was lunch time I was really hungry…we walked so much….I was so happy to see plain whipped sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli and other vegetables…a beautiful salad bar with garbanzo beans and fresh raw vegetables…so I had a great lunch! My kitchen still isn’t done so I got to have dinner at Finley’s last night…I decided to have a good attitude about the whole thing…it will get done and it will be fine….and me getting stressed out about it won’t help anything…the lighter counter tops look great already….we had dark mauve with a black sink…depressing….and we don’t have a lot of natural light in the kitchen so it really made it gloomy…now it looks so much happier : )

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