Happy Easter

We went to Jason and Andrea’s for Easter.  There were about 200 eggs for the kids to find….big fun…even in the snow….don’t you love Michigan?  I’m ready for green grass, warm air, flowers, birds…all the out door stuff….the sun was shining today though…that makes a world of difference.  I took my veggies, corn chips and had some rotisserie chicken…it was great.  My tiny niece Reghan was sitting on my lap sharing veggies with me and I didn’t really think anything of her grabbing  a tomato…then I felt a splat..we were both covered in tomato seeds : )  Pay attention when you have little one in reach of the food : )

Earlier Eric gave Brett the car keys to get in to do some homework…why he locked the car in the middle of the country…I don’t know…but he did.   Brett is one of the smartest people in the world…and I’m not just saying that because he’s my son…but he doesn’t always remember really obvious stuff…like where he put the keys when he was done.  We looked all over in and out, up and down.  Then I asked God to find the keys for us…immediately I asked Brett if he put them in my purse, he said no…he knew he didn’t…we kept looking…I thought it again then went out to the car where I left my purse…and there they were!  God really will help you with anything.  Thanks God!

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