More Cleaning Love and Al’s leaving :(

I’ve been watching “How Clean is Your House” on BBC.  It’s British, I love Kim and Aggie, they’re great…really gets you motivated to clean your house.  I’m not just cleaning it though, I’m blessing it too.  I have holy water that I brought home from the Basilica near the Mexican boarder…People go there from all over the world to receive healing.  They have many many stories, crutches, braces, wheel chairs and other things that people have just left there because they were healed there.  The water is said to carry the blessing…so I brought home as many bottles of it as I could…and my mother in law brought me some more : )  I put a small amount in every cleaning thing that I have so that the blessing keeps continuing on…even if I forget…It’s a wonderful feeling it is…can you hear my British accent?

On a sad note, Al….my spiritual mentor and great friend of 15 years said that he was going to be moving a coupe of states away last night….but not until he sells his condo…and this is not a good market so he’ll still be around for a while.  The meditation last night was wonderful like always, it just won’t be the same here without him.  But I’m not going to think about that today…on with the blessing and cleaning of the house darling…toot-a-loo…and not the toilet…they call a toilet a loo…don’t ya love it dear?

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